18 juni 2020

4e plaats! voor Loki

Congratulations to our Loki Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson 4th place on the International Virtual Dogshow! Feeling so proud! Thanks to Jo-Ann Secondino for organising and vikingjudge Kathy Madden for judging.

Te zien op:
Astrid 0029 Loki 1:03:52
Katrin Brüning 0044 AEskja 1:26:34
Carmen Nieborg 0119 Foss 1:19:..
Astrid 0026 Skaga 1:44:30

And Wauw, we are becoming world famous! Thanks to Jo-Ann Secondino we are in the AKC Gazette in the US! With an article and photo’s on the Corona-Tine Virtual International Sheepdogshow. Me and Loki Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson showing in our frontgarden.

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