9 juli 2021

Bussumse Hei

Magnus and Twirre, brother and sister, both very sweet.

We where yesterday the while day on tour with our two young ones. We had such a lovely day.
Beautiful weather and the dogs had a lot of fun with all kinds of other dogs, from poodles chiwawwa’s till sheperds. The listening went well too, we didn’t know with Magnus because he is not living with us(he lives with Daphne in Leeuwarden) bot both could run free and came back as soon as we asked them. I was very proud of them listening so well and almost not barking.

We went also to the vets in Zeist to do some tests. The results where very fine, both dogs had hips A.
Patella luxatie, one site grade 2 for Magnus and 1 site grade 1 voor Twirre. Happily its allowed to breed with them with these results. And we are planning to do so with Twirre(and with Magnus/not together of course) when she will be two years old. Eye tests will follow in the end of this year. All their teeth are complete and both have double dewclaws.

Twirre and Magnus

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