6 november 2020

De officiele namen

Finally our doggies have there official names. Of course maybe the nicknames will stay for a while but these names are too beautiful not to use. And on monday the chipper will come, so it had to be done now. My oh my, on sunday they will be five weeks old allready. Still a very long time I can enjoy them, my precious baby’s, before tehy will go to there forever new homes. I’ll try to tell on each photo also a little bit of their characters, as far as I can see.


Saeli Brimmil frá Hálendi | Brim
‘De gelukkige zeehond | The happy seal’
This young fellow as a strong personallity. He has very good looks and knows it already. A charming sweet boy. He is Twirre’s best friend.


Leista Ljuf frá Hálendi | Ljuf
‘Witte sok vol liefde | White sock full with love’
Ljuf is the sweetest of all. Always waiting for her turn, not ever in a hurry. She has a soft character but never afraid.
I myself love her very much, she gets the most kisses from me.


Signý Lóló frá Hálendi | Lóló
‘Mooie Koningsvacht | Beautiful Kings coat’
Lóló has a sprankling character. She has always enthousiastic barks as she sees you. She is also very bossie together with her sister Skik. They are the strongest of them all I think and they know it. Bossie but also very sweet characters.


Skussi Selur frá Hálendi | Selur
‘De ondeugende zeehond | the naughty seal’
This pretty young fellow is always watching from a distance and than running very fast to the front! He is also a fast student, he poops and pees already outside sometimes!


Lilla Skikja frá Hálendi | Skik
‘Klein meisje met de witte cape | little girl with the white cape’
Skik is from the start our favorite and also from other people too I heard. But don’t misunderrtsand , she is very sweet but also real portret! And together with her sister Lóló she can be very bossie. She is always the first with new adventures. Also first in the row when something exiting is happening. She is also the biggest, her weight is already more than 2 kilo’s. Extra: Skik means pleasure in (West)Frysian and Drentsch.


Skotta Dóttla frá Hálendi | Skottie
Skottie has evrything you want. Intelligence, sweetness, leading lady etc., She may do everything with Twitter, even byte rough in her tail.
She is also the best friend of Wim at this moment.

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