14 januari 2018


It‘s almost my birthday and what shall we do?  In the week before I have to go on a secret journey with my alterego Gre Parelmoer. Sssssssst! Meanwhile the dogs are in Eelde with Louwke. Afterwards we stayed fot two days in Wassenaar and went to one of my favorite towns, Scheveneningen on the beach… very misty weather, but as we walked on the Pier, we could see a glimp of the sea. However it was awsome to be there after so many years. I also had to visit a resquedog, from which I hope she can still stay on her place where she lives now. Well time to pick up the ladies and go to the next adress:

Meppen, Germany, here we come! Meeting ourfacebookfriend Susanne Busschler and Freki. We got a nice tip from her, to rent a little very dogfriendly house, Waldgasthof „Röckers“. If you want you can bring 5 dogs with you! Really a great adres. 4 steps and you can walk for hours in the lovely woods with your dogs free.

60A2DCE0-57FD-494F-8E4A-733B88E2545F.jpegHKH Freyja II, Miss Bera, Freki und Flocke

Wir bleiben 4 nachten und heute waren wir an der Dankensee, auch so schön. Fur richtig 3/4 stunden waren wir da und haben gelaufen, gespield und photographiert. Und nachher gegessen. Und wir haben zwei neue freunden dabei, Flocke und Sany.

Wir kommen bestimt wieder zuruck! Unsere hunden und herr Finkers sind jetzt in coma, soooooo mude hahahaha….

Nah, opeens schrijf ik van engels naar duits, dan nederlands ook nog wel even…  Wat een heerlijke toffe verjaardag. Veel kijkplezier met de foto‘s. En schrijf even een leuke reactie hieronder. 

Paws, pootjes, slikkies van HKH Freyja II, Miss Bera, Freki, Flocke, Piet, Wim, Susanne, Sany en ikzelf Astrid!


Icelandic dogs and Bordercollie


Icelandic dogs and Bordercollie


Icelandic dogs and Bordercollie


Icekandic dogs and Bordecollie





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  1. Susanne und Freki 15 januari 2018 at 00:15 - Reply

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Astridt deine Homepage ist soooo wunderbar <3 So tolle Hunde hast du!!! <3

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