15 oktober 2018

Nieuwe aanwinst

Orleans Skaga Leista 8 weken oud -9
Wij hebben heel groot nieuws!
Dit kleine schattekindje met dat brutale lekkere bekkie komt eind november/begin december bij ons wonen. Ze komt de Royall IJslandclub versterken en heet Skaga.

YES, she is coming to live with us, sweet Skaga, from Canada. Thank you Tristan and David
for trusting us… we’ll spoil the little lady as much as we can! 
Little Skaga is now 8 weeks old… and she may travel when she is 15 weeks old…
Orleans Skaga Leista 8 weken oud -2
Her full name is: Orléans Skaga Leista
Skaga is the name of a Valkyrie — Old Norse female form of Skagi. Old Norse Skagi = low cape, ness. Her second name is Leista, for her white paws. 
To be continued! 

Runestone Toblerone Kaffison

Daddy Runestone Toblerone Kaffison

Toby and Alfa

Toby and Mama Alfa

Toby and Alfa 2

In love

just born

Just born

just born 2

So pretty already…




Kopur and Skaga

Kopur and Skaga

Orleans Skaga Leista 8 weken oud -12

Hey I’m the best photomodel!


And very tired after playing with my brothers and sisters

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