14 mei 2023

Bambi Skaga & Baby Magnus

Nestplanning Skaga Leista x Melle Magni

Nestplanning Skaga Leista x Melle Magni(Magnus)

Pups from OrléansISD Skaga Leista x Melle Magni Fráhálendi, are on their way and we’re expecting this litter half july 2023. We’re looking forward to this wonderfull match, both parents are very sweet lovely Icelandic Sheepdogs. They have a low Meankinsship and very low inbreeding (Melle Magni COI Embark 8 %) And the pups will belong to the green group(Dogs Global MK 19.23 % Inbreeding 17.86 %)
Read all about Skaga on her own page here on this website: Orléans Skaga Leista – Frahalendi

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